We have experienced more play this year than any year since I arrived in 2010. We have grown our membership by more than 80 members. This has been a busy year. With the increase in play come more divots, more ball marks increased compaction from carts and increased foot traffic on the greens. I have some suggestions to improve course care.
  1) When pulling up to the tee make sure all four tires are on the cart path.
  2) When arriving at the green return to the cart path with all four tires on the cart path.
  3) Replace your divots.
  4) Fix your ball marks.
  5) Make sure all trash is placed in trash receptacles.
  6) When walking on the greens don’t drag your feet.
  7) Carefully remove and replace the pin in the cup.
  8) Remove the ball from the hole with your hand or a putter finger, never with a club.
  9) Scatter your cart traffic so as to avoid compaction.
  10) Keep carts off the mounds surrounding the greens.
  11) Don’t throw clubs or damage the greens with an angry swipe at the ball.
  12) Don’t drive carts on the teeing areas.
  13) Keep carts on the cart paths on the par 3’s at all times.
  14) The golf course closes daily at dusk. No night golf with headlights.
  15) Don’t damage carts with reckless driving or slamming clubs on them.
We want everyone to enjoy their time on the golf course and helping us care for our course can make your round more enjoyable.
      Sincerely, Tom Guipe PGA Director of Golf Sage Meadows CC