Dear Resident and Member,

The 2020 golf season is upon us. New products are arriving daily. New equipment offerings from Callaway, Ping, Srixon, Taylor Made and Titleist have arrived. Demo equipment is available. I will be holding a free club fitting day Saturday March 14th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm New apparel is arriving as well. FootJoy, Under Armour and Vinyard Vines will be my principle lines. To make room for the new inventory all 2019 equipment is on sale at below invoice prices. This is limited to in stock equipment only.

The 2020 schedule is included. Mark your calendars for the events you would like to play in. The MGA schedule is included as well. We will be kicking off the season April 1st. Remember you need to enter by contacting the Pro Shop by 4:30 pm the day of the the MGA event.

Membership cards and cart tags are available in the Pro Shop. Please pick them up at your earliest convenience.

Pro Shop hours will be 7:00 am to dusk daily except when inclement weather interrupts and we will close at 5:00 pm.

We are excited for another great golf season. Please cooperate with all play restrictions that are posted daily at the driving range. Cart traffic is one of our major issues. The low areas stay wet so please avoid them. Observe worn areas as well and avoid those as well. Number 2 fairway will remain closed and the 4th fairway will be roped off from 100 yards in to help that fairway heal.Carts should be on the paths at every tee and every green , all four tires please. We purchased new Club Car Tempo golf carts this year. These carts will fall asleep if they sit for 15 minutes or longer. You will need to turn the key off and then turn the key to forward and it will operate properly.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Tom Guipe
PGA, Director of Golf

With Spring just around the corner, here is a reminder about a couple of events coming up for Sage Meadows residents.

The annual Spring Garage Sale is coming up in about 4 weeks.  The sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 starting at 7am and continuing throughout the day.  It is a good time to start planning for that busy day.

There will be three (3) positions open on the Sage Meadows Board of Directors this spring.  The election is not until mid-May but now is the time to make it known if you are interested in running for the board.  The Board of Directors term is for two (2) years.  If you want to run for the board, you must be in good standing with paid in full POA dues, a property owner and you will need to fill out an “intent to run” form.  These forms are available in the business office at the clubhouse.  They must be filled out and returned by 5pm, April 22.

Hope you have a wonderful spring.

Buddy Nichols

General Manager

We have already made progress in a number of areas in a short period of time despite the reduced winter staff.  We have begun tending to the front entrance and landscaping cutting ornamental grasses, pruning crepe myrtles, as well as trimming back daylilies and ground covers.

Equipment maintenance has been continuing ahead of our schedule at the present time. Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications will be made soon. I would have preferred to have already finished these herbicide applications but the wet conditions have dictated that we wait to make them.

Not only is the rain giving us short windows for the post-emergent to dry appropriately, the soil moisture has made it nearly impossible to get our equipment on the course without getting stuck. If we do not get the applications made before the turf breaks dormancy, we will adjust to a different strategy with the products we will use but contingency plans are in order for this possibility.

We are making every attempt to finish these tasks now and stay ahead of schedule in order to address other aspects once the season starts. These items may seem of little importance now, but warm weather and peak conditions are only a matter of weeks away.

The greens have held up exceptionally well considering the conditions.  The root length and root mass is much greater than what is reasonable to expect for ultradwarf bermudagrass during the winter and there has been no incidence of disease present to this point.

The Poa annua and ryegrass on the greens has been sprayed and is dying at this point. It has taken some time to see results from the herbicide application because of lower winter temperatures and the rate at which they die being slower.

I will soon begin a series of maintenance practices to encourage growth and start conditioning the greens for the upcoming season. We have already started to see new growth in the last few weeks and will begin to make efforts to strengthen the turf in order to accommodate the stresses of early spring.

The fairways, tees, and rough will be a bit slower to respond to its climb out of dormancy but we should begin seeing signs of a green hue over those areas soon enough. There are several projects slated for the spring and will be completed once the weather breaks and we are able to get heavier equipment on the course.

There will be further improvements to the front entrance in the coming weeks, several sod projects, some drainage repairs, and several other issues we intend to address before summer.

At present, we are in a position for the course to come into spring in wet, but good condition. Further improvements throughout the first part of the year will add to the aesthetics and performance of the course.

Bob Wolenberg